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High Quality Sharpening Since 1994

Learning how to keep his knives sharp sparked an interest in sharpening, and in the early 1990’s, Craig’s dream of owning his own business was realized when he started Mister Edge Sharpening.

Craig(Mister Edge) can sharpen knives, scissors, lawnmower blades, gardening tools, drill bits, router bits, circular saw blades, carbide/steel blades, chainsaw blades, clipper blades and a multitude of other tools. If he is unable to sharpen an item on his truck, he will gladly take it back to his shop to complete the job and return it to the market for pickup the following week.
Very Local
Located in Gansevoort, NY
Find Mister Edge at 2 local farmers' markets.
We're Mobile
Find me at the Glens Falls or Saratoga Farmers Market.
We're Trusted
Our high quality skills sets us apart from other services.

Guaranteed Quality!

Craig stands by his work. If you ever have a problem, just reach out.

Drop Off Services Available

The shop in Gansevoort is open year round.

What our customers are saying.

I stopped at Mr Edge’s right before Christmas to get my kitchen knives sharpened, this was my second time getting them sharpened…. He is fantastic, the knives are sharper than when I first bought them. Highly recommend his services!!!!
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Linda Loya
5 Star Google Review
Made my severely over-used knives like new! Great customer service, truly skilled at his craft!
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Tom Roche
5 Star Google Review
Super friendly and work is perfect. Had a Groomsman gift get damaged and he got the piece and turned it around in less than a day and charged next to nothing.
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Doug Hooper
5 Star Google Review
You don’t know how dull the knife is you’re using until you have a sharp one! I’ve had mower blades, knives, potato peelers scissors and garden tools sharpened. Great drop off service as well as at the local farmers market. Great service.
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Cheryl Smith
5 Star Google Review
Mentioned my knives were dull and without hesitation Mr. Edge sharpened them to perfection! No more struggling or frustration, thanks Craig!
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Shannon O'Brien
5 Star Google Review
A wonderful experience. Check our Mr. Edge at the Wednesday farmer’s market or his home studio. I was able to get a full set of knives sharpened and turned around extremely quickly. The prices were reasonable and the quality of service unmatched!
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Annelise Schuepbach
5 Star Google Review
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the shop in gansevoort is open year round
(518) 793-6724

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